Affordable And Quality Paper Pizza Box Supply Services in HCMC

Paper pizza boxes are packaging products that come into direct contact with food so these products must guarantee compliance to food hygiene and safety standards, meaning that during the production and printing process, manufacturers must satisfy stringent production requirements. These concerns frame the questions of “Where to buy affordable paper pizza boxes with great quality and designs?

The use of paper pizza box

The affordability along with food and safety standards compliance of paper pizza boxes are now gaining more and more attention from pizzerias in general and consumers in particular. Pizzerias using quality paper pizza boxes can be considered an effective solution to customer retention, expressing that the owners put effort in ensuring customers’ health and interests.

Quality and safe paper pizza box

Quality and safe paper pizza box

As they are used for take-out food, paper pizza boxes offer convenience while accommodating customers’ needs. They also preserve the shape, taste, and quality of the pie from external factors throughout the delivery process.

Particularly, brand recognition can be further increased by having brand image printed on the box exterior. Paper pizza boxes can be a great contribution to the product and brand in terms of value and quality increase.

The use of paper pizza boxes is convenient & versatile in a sense that they can be used to store pizzas, other baked goods, non-liquid foods, or as a storage container for miscellaneous, small items such as decorations or socks.

Common sizes of paper pizza box

Each pie size has an according size of paper pizza box. The common sizes for affordable pizza box are as follows:

Dimensions Square paper pizza box dimensions (L x W x H)


17.3 x 17.3 x 5 (cm)


25.3 x 25.3 x 5 (cm)


32.3 x 32.3 x 5 (cm)


Customers can make the right selection of pizza boxes based on their demands to ensure a good fit without affecting the quality of the food.


Paper pizza box comes in different sizes

Paper pizza box comes in different sizes

How to choose and buy affordable paper pizza box

There are plenty of affordable paper pizza box manufacturers, yet not all can guarantee compliance with food hygiene and safety standards. The distinctive property of paper pizza boxes is that they come in direct contact with food; thus, customers looking for affordable paper pizza boxes with quality assurance should consider manufacturers specialized in production and distribution of packaging solutions for good quality products at reasonable prices. It is best to consider manufacturers that are ISO – HACCP certified (food hygiene and safety standards).

Where should I buy a box of pizza?

Choose a supplier of affordable and quality paper pizza box

It is commonly seen on the market that most paper pizza boxes are similarly designed with square shape and equal sides. To leave a good impression and brand recognition, firms and units must be able to generate designs that are aesthetically-pleasing but also practical.

Purchase paper pizza box at New Star Paper

New Star Paper is one of the leading manufacturers in Vietnam, specializing in the production and supply of paper packaging such as cups – lids – fast food boxes – affordable paper pizza boxes of different sizes and models. Paper pizza boxes by New Star Paper are manufactured according to the ISO 22000 and HACCP standards; each of our products has been tested and highly valued by many customers. Our journey of creating a green lifestyle has never been lonesome, as we are accompanied by the support from our partners and customers.


order custom pizza box

Purchase made-by-order paper pizza box at New Star Paper

With the orientation of constantly progressing, improving, and developing in every aspect – from product quality to customer service, we aim to offer consumers the best value. New Star Paper is committed to becoming our partners’ top choice of affordable paper pizza boxes as well as the F&B packaging solutions in general.



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