Hurricanes, floods, landslides, droughts, earthquakes, etc., all are examples of increasingly extreme and anomalous natural disasters that seem to be the stern warning of Mother Nature about human acts of destruction toward the atmosphere. Starting from now, let’s raise awareness and change our habits to reduce plastic waste, protect the environment, and save the green Earth.

Current state of the environment

Lightness, high durability, convenience, resistance to boiling water or freezing cold temperature, can be reused many times, ease of transportation and low cost are some of the great advantages that brought plastic packaging to its superior position in the packaging market for hundreds of years.

However, people are drowning themselves in plastic waste generated from their daily living habits. Environmental pollution at an alarming rate, climate change, harmful emissions being continuously released into the environment everyday are the sources that cause a greenhouse effect, which subsequently increases the Earth’s temperature.

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Currently, with the robust development of science and technology, the production and consumption of plastic products has increased continuously. According to a report of the United Nations Environment Program, from 1950 to now, global plastic production has increased from 1.5 million tons to 380 million tons per year. At the same time, each year the world uses 500 billion plastic bags and up to 40% of finished plastic goes unused. In Vietnam alone, there are about 1.8 million tons of plastic, along with more than 730,000 tons of plastic waste dumped into the sea every year.

Plastic waste is generated from many sources and is very diverse such as: plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic straws, food containers from households, F&B chains; shipping packaging, packaging bags, toy plastic boxes from factories, industrial parks; needles, gloves, syringes from hospitals, medical centers… Of which only about 9% of plastic can be recycled, 12% is burned, the rest 79% of plastic waste is treated by the landfill method or directly discharged into the environment and they take hundreds of years to decompose.

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As a result, over time, the plastic waste that is buried or discharged into the environment will be decomposed into microplastic pieces with countless sizes from small to too small that we cannot see with the naked eye. Not only that, these microplastics will be mixed with the soil, water, air and marine creatures may accidentally consume. As we may consume these marine creatures, microplastic particles then enter the human body, causing serious harm to our health. Besides, the waste that is treated by incineration produces harmful emissions such as dioxins, furans, etc., which reduces immunity, affects endocrine glands, and causes cancer…

As we face the unpredictable harmful effects of plastic waste, each of us needs to raise our awareness of reducing plastic waste to protect the environment, as well as the wellbeing of ourselves and our families. Take action today with these simple yet effective solutions to reduce plastic waste:

Say no to plastic bags when shopping

We often have the habit of using plastic bags even when not absolutely necessary. For now, try to say no to plastic bags when shopping at supermarkets, grocery stores, markets, pharmacies. Recycled cloth or plastic bags are a great solution to help you reduce plastic waste. environmental protection hand.

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Say no to single-use plastic products

In addition to the temporary convenience, waste from single-use plastic products is one of the biggest contributors to severe environmental pollution. Up to now, there are still many businesses or F&B units that choose to use disposable plastic products with poor quality plastic, and cannot be reused in order to save production costs and reduce costs. However, we need to say no to single-use plastic products to reduce plastic waste, fostering an environmentally friendly lifestyle is protecting the wellbeing of ourselves and our families.

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Use reusable water bottles

Surely many of us have the habit of reusing plastic bottles to drink water. You should eliminate this bad habit right away as they pose a risk of poisoning and cancer. In a study by scientists from the University of Calgary, in 76 water samples randomly taken from primary school students’ water bottles, they found that nearly two-thirds of the water samples had excessive concentrations of bacteria. allowable limit. And the solution to reduce plastic waste from water bottles is to replace them with glass or virgin plastic water bottles, which are both environmentally friendly and reduce plastic waste.

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Say no to plastic straws

Did you know that for a plastic straw to be able to completely decompose, it takes more than 300 years, more than 4 times the average lifespan of a Vietnamese person. Changing habits, reducing plastic waste from the smallest actions, completely replacing toxic plastic straws with paper straws, bamboo straws, grass straws… New Star Paper sugarcane paper straws are manufactured with high-grade imported paper from Europe, for use in hot/cold water up to 24 hours; they are the only paper straws on the market that can be used for both milk tea and drinks with toppings.

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Limit plastic food containers

Toxic chemicals can leach from the plastic shell of food containers when you consume food that is stored in toxic plastic containers, which can poison your body, causing unpredictable consequences to your health. Reducing toxic plastic waste of plastic food containers with glass and metal containers is a good solution to protect the environment and our health.

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Invest in a shopping bag

Reusing sedge bags, old cloth, recycled plastic in every shopping is the most practical and effective solution to reduce plastic waste. Do it now!

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Invest in quality, durable products

Materials such as bamboo, stainless steel, glass, ceramics, primary plastic … are gradually gaining consumers’ interest because of their good quality, durability, reusability, safety while still maintaining the notion of eco-friendliness

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Use eco-friendly products

Among the solutions to reduce plastic waste, the most important thing is that each of us needs to raise our awareness of using eco-friendly items such as paper bags, paper cups, paper straws, paper food boxes…

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Proudly creating a green and eco-friendly lifestyle, for many years, New Star Paper has delivered paper cups, paper lids, sugarcane paper straws, paper food containers that meet ISO 22000 quality standards. & HACCP, helps to minimize plastic waste, protects the environment and consumers’ health.

Contact our hotline 0364 667 155 for detailed consultation and pricing on eco-friendly items!

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