Carton boxes are an important product for not only they can protect the quality of goods, but also promote the brand and earn trust from the customers. New Star Paper is the leading carton box supplier Vietnam.  Our cardboard products are manufactured in accordance with modern processes, diverse in size and type to meet our customers’ requirements.

Carton boxes – Roles and applications

Carton boxes have become an essential item that plays a significant role in the process of packaging and transporting goods.  Moreover, Carton boxes are highly durable at a low price, thus becoming a top choice for businesses.

For manufacturers

For manufacturers, one of the major roles of Carton boxes is to ensure the safety of goods during transportation, thereby increasing the product’s value along with the business’ reputation and professionalism.

Businesses are now taking advantage of cardboard in promoting their brands and images.  With their logos, images, messages and company information designed and printed on the box, businesses have brought their brands closer to customers.

Carton box supplier vietnam

Carton boxes play an important role in the operation of businesses

For consumers

Customers are assured of the item they are about to purchase and use, as important information such as product origin, manufacturer, user manual/instructions, etc. is printed in details on the Carton boxes. 

Furthermore, consumers can reuse these Carton boxes for the purpose of transporting or storing, therefore, being able to save cost and protect the environment. 

For freight carriers/shipping units

For shipping units, Carton boxes are a crucial factor. With excellent capacity and impact resistance, Carton boxes are entrusted by carriers in the process of packing and transporting, especially fragile items going on long distances.

Additionally, marks and symbols printed on the Carton boxes assist shipping units in effectively identifying and arranging goods. 

New Star Paper – A reputable Carton box supplier Vietnam

Cardboard manufacturing company New Star Paper was established in 2003. For nearly 20 years of manufacturing paper products, with outstanding advantages, we have pioneered in the production of custom-made Carton boxes.

With outstanding product quality and competitive prices, New Star Paper is currently a partner of many domestic and international firms.  Our cardboard products can also be easily found at large supermarkets nationwide or any e-commerce sites.

The advantages of New Star Paper Carton boxes

The manufacturing process of New Star Paper Carton boxes is strictly controlled from input to deliverable products, guaranteed to meet quality standards. With that, you can be assured of our cardboard products.

We own a system of Flexo and digital printing machines with large format to meet all customer’s printing requirements. In addition, New Star Paper can change the order numbers and product codes continuously on the same print template.

Carton box supplier vietnam

New Star Paper manufactures and prints customized Carton boxes

With the advantage of direct production, New Star Paper cardboard prices are much more competitive than our commercial counterparts. We own 2 separate factories in Dong Nai with advanced machinery systems, modern production lines, ensuring a large number of supplies to major partners.

Types of New Star Paper Carton boxes

New Star Paper currently manufactures and supplies various kinds of Carton boxes (A1, A4, A5, A6, Carton boxes with lids, U-shaped, and E-shaped. New Star Paper Carton boxes are widely used in different sectors and play an important role in the packaging and transportation of goods.

Carton box supplier vietnam Carton box supplier vietnam Carton box supplier vietnam Carton box supplier vietnam

Types of Carton boxes manufactured and supplied by New Star Paper

In addition to the current Carton box samples, New Star Paper also manufactures Carton boxes as requested and in accordance with customers’ requirements. We conduct consultation to gather information on designs, sizes, printing materials so that both aspects of aesthetic and quality are assured.

With the capacity and experience in the packaging industry, New Star Paper is proud to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of cardboard packaging in Vietnam.  We strive to deliver products with great quality at the most competitive price to your business.  For more information, contact us via our Hotline: 0364 667 155

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