Generation Z (Gen Z) is the generation that has soon faced the consequences of environmental pollution and global climate change. More than anyone else, this generation understands how the planet’s wellbeing affects their lives. Actively engaging in green living is the way that Gen Z chooses to protect the environment and our planet Earth.

Going green is not something too major or far-fetched. According to the definition of Gen Z, this is simply changing their daily habits to reduce pollution, aiming to avoid negative impacts on the environment.

Gen Z protects the environment by participating in green living campaigns

In the era of climate change, Gen Z constantly joins hands in green activities and campaigns with the desire to make their environment a better place. To these young people, a green lifestyle is not a complicated or sophisticated concept, but it can be started from daily activities.

In Vietnam, with the awareness of a greener and cleaner Vietnam for future generations, many green living and environmental protection campaigns have been launched, attracting a lot of attention and participation from Vietnamese youth. Local youth unions also launch many campaigns, attracting a large number of young people to participate such as For a green Vietnam, Fighting against plastic waste, Let’s clean up the ocean, …

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Young people participating in the campaign Let’s clean up the ocean

In addition to activities organized by the Union, many green living projects are organized by Gen Z youth themselves to raise awareness about environmental protection. Some outstanding projects can be mentioned such as Clean Up Vietnam (collecting trash to protect the environment), 19020challenge (changing young people’s habits of using plastic), Zero Waste – Hero You (providing knowledge about green living, raising awareness and motivating action for students),…

gen z bảo vệ môi trường

Gen Z actively engages in environmental protection projects

Green living activities and campaigns are always welcomed and enthusiastically engaged by Gen Z. It is the dynamic and energetic characters of the young people that are the inspiration and positive energy that spreads to everyone.

Focus on plant-based foods

A study published in the Journal of Science found that, in 40,000 farms in 119 countries, cattle provide only 18 percent of people’s calorie intake. Yet land used for livestock accounts for 83% of agricultural land. It can be seen that consuming meat has a profound impact on the Earth.

Therefore, limiting the amount of meat in diets is a way for Gen Z to protect the environment. Many young people are starting to switch to a plant-based diet, with a higher amount of plant-based food than meat-based. This includes a wide range of eating patterns, from a plant-based approach to methods that still contain some animal protein sources.

Posts and videos sharing how to prepare plant-based dishes receive substantially positive reactions from young people. Following a plant-based diet is not only good for the planet, it also provides Gen Z with many health benefits.

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The plant-based diet is well receivedby many young people

Choosing Refill Stations

According to a report from the United Nations, every minute, 1 million plastic cups, plastic bottles of all kinds are used worldwide. Are these plastic bottles and cups recycled, or are they all discharged into the environment?

Being well aware of the harmful effects that plastic waste has on the environment, Gen Z proactively opts for materials that can be recycled and reused multiple times without the need for typical plastic bags. Refill Stations (stores that reuse packaging) are a familiar destination for many young people. These stores do not provide prepackaged products, instead, you need to bring your own bags, cups or any personal items to be able to carry these products.

Refill Station is a “green” business model that is very well known worldwide, and is gradually being replicated in Vietnam. Supermarkets are now also selling reusable bio-plastic bags to replace conventional plastic bags.

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Buying goods at Refill Station helps reduce waste to the environment

Choosing basic fashion, never afraid to go out of style

Did you know that fashion is one of the top ten most polluting industries on Earth? Each year, about 350,000 tons of clothing waste in the UK is released into the environment, while this figure in the US reaches 10.5 million tons. This type of “waste” when decomposing has the ability to generate greenhouse methane gas, poisoning our groundwater and soil.

Understanding this consequential situation, Generation Z all joins hands to reduce the harmful effects of the fashion industry by saying no to fast fashion, carefully choosing sustainable fashion brands, prioritizing quality instead of quantity, exchanging or donating clothes,… These are some of many ways for Gen Z to protect the environment from the negative impacts of clothing “waste”.

gen z bảo vệ môi trường

Gen Z prioritizes sustainable fashion

Choosing eco-friendly beauty products

In the context of rapidly increasing pollution, cosmetic consumers around the world, especially Generation Z, have become more conscious in choosing and using cosmetics so that it causes as little harm to the environment as possible.

The criteria of practicing skin care but still advocating for the environment is Gen Z’s top priority. Young people exhibit preference to products with paper or glass packaging instead of traditional plastic ones. Organic products that do not contain chemicals, do not pollute water sources, and do not affect the ecosystem are also the top concern of Gen Z.

gen z bảo vệ môi trường

Gen Z prioritizes eco-friendly products

Young, dynamic, and well-aware are the foundational characteristics for Gen Z to change the current situation of the Earth. New Star Paper is honored to accompany our Generation Z in the effort to protect the environment by reducing plastic waste, moving towards a green, clean, and beautiful life. Paper cups, paper bowls, paper boxes, and paper straws produced and distributed by New Star Paper are all geared towards public health and being eco-friendly. For product consultation and pricing, please contact New Star Paper via our Hotline: 0364 667 155.

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