STAR PAPER PRODUCTION & TRADING CO., LTD (NEW STAR PAPER) has a nationwide delivery service, applicable to customers buying on the website, fanpage and phone, not applicable to customers buying directly at the store.

Orders will be delivered to the address provided by the customer through an intermediary shipping company.

1. Delivery time:

Orders inside and outside Ho Chi Minh City:

Order processing time: 1 working day.

Delivery time: within 1-2 working days after order processing.

Orders in other provinces:

Order processing time: 1 working day.

Delivery time: according to the regulations of the intermediary shipping company.

2. Process of delivery and receipt of goods:

Your order will be delivered up to 2 times. In case the first delivery is not successful, a staff member will contact you to arrange a second delivery schedule with you, in case you still can’t be contacted or do not receive any feedback from you. customer, the order will no longer be valid.

o check your order information or status, please log into website:

When receiving the goods, customers should note the following:

Open the package and compare the goods with the Delivery Note.

Check the actual product is correct with the product you ordered or not.

Check the packaging and the product for damage during transit.

If you are not satisfied with 1 of the 3 above, you can ask the delivery staff to confirm and return the goods.

We will not be responsible for handling your claim of missing or wrong item after you have signed and paid for it.

3. Delivery fee: according to the fee schedule of the intermediary shipping company.