The Process of Formation and Development

For two decades, though not an extensive stretch, it holds profound significance, marking significant milestones in the maturation journey of NEW STAR PAPER and numerous achievements that we take great pride in.

The Process of Formation and Development

Product Line and Competitive Advantages​

Agrolife Paper Cups:

The company offers a diverse range of cup sizes, weights, and paper types. All paper cup sizes from 10oz to 22oz share a common 90mm mouth size. A single lid size is applicable to all cup sizes, reducing operational costs and storage space for F&B chains.

Sugarcane Fiber Paper Straws:

Sugarcane fiber paper straws come in various types: standard straws, bent straws, U-shaped straws, and more. Thanks to the crystallization of cellulose fibers from sugarcane, these paper straws perform well for 24 hours. They are the only type of paper straws on the market that combines durability (rigidity) with diagonally cut tips, suitable for beverages with multiple toppings.

Fast Food Boxes:

Our company provides a wide range of box types, including pizza boxes, hamburger boxes, sandwich boxes, popcorn boxes, and more. In addition to the diverse selection of fast food boxes, NEW STAR PAPER also offers a complete range of packaging accessories for the F&B industry, such as covers, paper lids, cup holders, tray holders, and more. All products are manufactured and processed according to custom dimensions, helping F&B chains streamline supplier search and management processes.

Carton Boxes:

Offering a variety of sizes and types, along with Flexo and large-format digital printing technologies to meet all customer printing requirements. Particularly, order numbers and product codes can be continuously updated on the same printing template. With 20 years of experience in the carton box manufacturing industry, we will provide detailed advice on selecting the paper type that efficiently meets the requirements for box strength and compression during transportation.

Supply Capability

Current Certifications

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