In 2003, New Star Paper was officially established in the industry with products from paper cartons.

In 2012, New Star Paper became the first company in Vietnam to manufacture and export paper tubes and stickers to the laundry industry in the US. Our business process goes hand-in-hand with the goal of meeting the demands of our partners in the most effective way. As our business develops, we plan to expand our production in order to better accommodate a wider range of industries.

In 2018, along with the upcoming trend which replaces single-use plastics with environmentally friendly products, New Star Paper began its production of paper straws made from sugar cane fiber for domestic consumption and exports.

In 2020, New Star Paper makes its dream a reality by investing in the production line of Cups – Paper Lids – Fast food boxes. We guarantee that New Star Paper’s products will be our partners’ first choice when it comes to the Food & Beverage (F&B) packaging industry. At the same time, it will contribute to cultivating a new way of life – adopting a sustainable lifestyle and building a green planet together.

Our journey to create a lifestyle that is environmentally sustainable has never been lonely, because we are supported by the companionship from different F&B brands. As we grow our business, we also spread a positive message about the environment to our partners with the motto “We change because we have to change”, and we believe that with the mindset “let’s change together”, great things will happen.