Where To Buy Paper Straws From Bagasse Wholesale Prices?

Paper straws are gradually becoming the replacement of traditional plastic straws, since they are highly regarded as a Safe and Eco-friendly alternative. In order to express genuine customer dedication, stores and businesses in the beverage industry switched to paper straws that are Safe and Eco-friendly. This has led to a question raised by many – where to buy paper straws from bagasse at wholesale prices? Let’s find the answer in this New Star Paper article.

What are paper straws from bagasse?

Consumers have familiarized themselves with paper straws from bagasse, a single-use product similar to other alternatives on the market. New Star Paper’s paper straws from bagasse are made from bagasse-based paper, with cellulose crystal found in sugarcane, giving the straws high durability, good water resistance and the ability to withstand hot/cold water up to 24 hours. It is also the only kind of paper straw on the market used for milk tea and drinks with toppings.

Eco-friendly paper straws from bagasse

Eco-friendly paper straws from bagasse

One of the great features of paper straws from bagasse is that there is certain flexibility and strength added to the straw, which eliminates many shortcomings seen in other types of paper straws on the market. However, where to buy best quality paper straws from bagasse is a question that requires thorough considerations.

Distinct advantages of paper straws from bagasse

Paper straws from bagasse are completely biodegradable. During decomposition, they do not produce any inorganic substances that affect the natural environment or human health. Compared to traditional plastic straws, paper straws from bagasse have many distinct advantages such as:

  • The product does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA), Polypropylene (PP).
  • The product is certified and trusted by international organizations, as well as becoming widely-recognized.
  • Used bagasse straws have the ability to decompose and provide plants with nutrients.
  • Product colors are diverse, allowing printing of information and images.
  • Soy-based printing ink is safe for consumers.
  • Diverse tube sizes, diagonally cut 10-12 straws for milk tea with toppings.

Paper straws from bagasse have many great advantages

Paper straws from bagasse have many great advantages

Why should you choose paper straws from bagasse?

Currently, there are many types of eco-friendly alternatives created as replacements for old products. paper straws from bagasse are also marketed as the replacement of plastic straws with many outstanding advantages. Many firms in the F&B industry have made the decision of switching to this product because of the clear advantages while price differences are not too significant. paper straws from bagasse nowadays are highly recommended.

Bagasse straws are widely-used in the market

Bagasse straws are widely-used in the market

Where to buy paper straws from bagasse at nationwide wholesale prices?

In Vietnam, there are many paper straw manufacturers and distributors, and it can be confusing for consumers, especially about the question of where to buy quality and trusted paper straws from bagasse at the best prices.

When you plan on buying paper straws from bagasse, it is best to do research about the product and the business to make sure you can purchase the right and quality product. It is also important to opt for reputable businesses in the market and manufacturers with ISO 22000 and FSSC certificates, as these units follow the two standards, the source of production materials, and the machinery is strictly controlled in compliance with extremely stringent standards on food hygiene and safety; at the same time, you can check whether this unit is a supplier to any major F&B chains, if yes, you can consider that the product quality has been confirmed by a 3rd party.

Paper straws from bagasse

Buy paper straws from bagasse from New Star Paper at nationwide wholesale prices

New Start Paper is one of the manufacturers that specializes in producing paper straws from bagasse, CupsPaper LidsFast food boxes, etc. Every product delivered to the market is guaranteed by us in all aspects from quality to price.

We are committed that New Star Paper products serve the purpose of customer satisfaction, and we strive to become the first choice for our partners in choosing eco-friendly F&B packaging solutions.

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