Milk tea has become a ‘national drink’ that is loved by young people. Not to mention the taste of the milk tea content, unique and beautiful milk tea cups can easily attract and win the hearts of customers. Therefore, it is extremely important to invest in milk tea cups that suit your own store or brand.

Below are the beautiful and unique milk tea cups that can see potential growth in the near future and are chosen by many individuals or businesses for their beverage business model.

1- Paper milk tea cup

With the trend of green living, paper cups are gradually becoming the preferred choice of many F&B businesses to limit plastic waste in the effort to protect the environment. Paper cups in general are made from high-grade PE coated paper to retain heat and increase sturdiness. The rim of the cup is designed to be tight-fitting with the lid and has an anti-spill lock, making it easy for customers to take out and enjoy delicious milk tea anywhere.

Using paper cups for milk tea is also a way for businesses to bring their brands closer to customers. As being made from paper material, the printing and graphic design of paper cups are much more eye-catching than plastic cups. Thanks to that, customers can easily memorize your milk tea brand name.


Paper cups are chosen by many milk tea brands

New Star Paper is an on-demand paper cups manufacturer chosen by many F&B businesses in their business strategy and brand marketing. New Star Paper’s paper cups are manufactured with modern production lines that meet ISO 22000 standards and export certified, ensuring our reliability and credibility. Along with that, the company always ensures to use clean raw materials to make all products user friendly and safe.






Several beautiful milk tea paper cup samples manufactured by New Star Paper

2- Round and short milk tea cups

This is a new type of milk tea cup with round bottoms, short, small, and quirky, which is very commonly used at many large and small milk tea brands in Vietnam and many other countries.

Although small, the cup itself is very pliable and sturdy with good heat resistance, hence being very popular among milk tea shops. Round and short milk tea cups have 3 main sizes: 360ml, 500ml and 700ml. The rim of the cup has a diameter of 95mm, fitting for both film stamping or lids.


Round and short milk tea cups

3-Light bulb shaped milk tea cups

When talking about beautiful milk tea cups, it is impossible not to mention Light bulb shaped milk tea cups. This type of cup originated from Taiwan and has gradually become popular in many other countries, including Vietnam. The cup is uniquely designed in the shape of a filament bulb, much larger in size than a real light bulb. In addition, the cap of the bulb (or cup lid) can also be decorated with accessories to increase uniqueness and attract the eyes of customers.


Light bulb shaped milk tea cups

4- Multi-compartment milk tea cups

This milk tea cup type was first created to satisfy the need to enjoy many different milk tea flavors at the same time. The feature of this plastic cup product is the design of multiple compartments, allowing customers to enjoy many different drinks all at once.

The cup has the capacity equal to or more than normal traditional cups, and is designed to separate into multiple compartments from the cup rim. Currently, multi-compartment cups attract couples or groups of friends, giving customers different beverage experiences and creating good effects in business.


Multi-compartment milk tea cups

5- Milk tea zipper bag

This is a beautiful and convenient milk tea packaging product, which is highly-valued for its sturdy zipper structure at the mouth of the bag, while the material is tough, durable which can help avoid spillage, thus making it easy to buy and take away on long distance travels. Although it is a zip bag, this product is specially designed to be able to stand up straight like traditional milk tea cups.


Milk tea zipper bag

6- Tall plastic cup with heart lid

These are the tall models that are made from hard plastic. The main highlight is the red heart button mounted on the top of the lid. Thanks to high-quality plastic, the cup can withstand high temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius without deformation, distortion or cracking when impacted. Currently, this model has 2 volumes: 500ml and 700ml.


Tall plastic cup with heart lid

7- Plastic cups with flat lids

Plastic cups with flat lids are one of the beautiful milk tea cups that can never go out of style. This cup type is nice and neat, the perfect choice for milk tea and coffee shops that prefer lightness. In particular, plastic cups with flat lids are easy to pair with any cup packaging, whether it is a paper sleeve or a T-shaped bag, it can achieve customers’ preference.


Plastic cups with flat lids

8- Plastic cup with dome lid

These cups are made from pure PP or PET plastic which gives them perfect transparency. The dome-shaped cup lid not only makes the cup delicate and eye-catching, but also suitable for milk teas with whipped cream, blended ice, or many toppings. This is the outstanding advantage of this cup type compared to plastic milk tea cups with flat lids.


Plastic cup with dome lid

9- Upside-down milk tea cups

The upside down cup is one of the beautiful and unique milk tea cups that made their appearance recently. This model makes a special impression among young people with the beautifully-designed parts. An upside-down milk tea cup consists of 2 main parts: the cup and the upside-down glass bottle, creating a fancy look and stimulating customers’ curiosity.


Upside-down milk tea cups

10- Milk tea cups with bear’s ear shaped lids

This model has the same design as many other milk tea cups. The only difference is that its lid is shaped like the ears of a bear. The cup has the same usage as cups with dome lids so it can support milk tea businesses.


Milk tea cups with bear’s ear shaped lids

These are the top 10 beautiful and unique milk tea cups that are promised to become the spotlight in 2022 that should be given special considerations, especially by those who intend to start a business in the beverage business.

For support and/or quotes for unique and impressive paper milk tea cups, please contact New Star Paper via our Hotline: 0364 667 155. New Star Paper offers paper cups in various sizes, designs, and we support printing on demand, all to make your brand stand out among countless competitors.


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