Quality & Affordable Paper Fast Food Box

As ‘green consumerism’ raises environmental awareness among consumers, F&B chains and convenience stores have begun to opt for paper fast food boxes as the replacement of plastic boxes. Regardless, to find a supplier of quality and affordable paper fast food boxes can be a challenging task. Let’s explore the article below for useful tips and information!

Paper fast food box – safe & eco-friendly

A busy life can lead to an increase in the demand for fast eating options among the new generation of office workers. Nonetheless, the use of plastic bags and boxes for food can pose potential harms to human health. Thus, many F&B chains and units are switching to paper fast food boxes in order to ensure consumers’ health and safety.

paper fast food box
Paper fast food box

Materials used for the production of paper fast food boxes are specialized so as to guarantee maximum safety. For instance, fast food boxes such as Hamburger boxes, Salad boxes, or food trays are manufactured using PE coated cupstock paper. This type of paper is designated for foods with a substantial amount of sauce. Pizza boxes are manufactured from high grade water-resistant cardboard, ensuring food hygiene and safety.

The benefits of paper fast food box


Paper fast food boxes are indeed environmentally friendly, as the product is primarily made of paper and is biodegradable. Their decomposition process is similar to that of organic leaves or plants. Moreover, paper fast food boxes are reusable; thus, by choosing this product, you are also taking part in the movement of environmental protection.

 Eco-friendly fast food paper box


Unlike plastic or foam boxes, since paper fast food boxes are made from high grade materials, they will not release toxins that are harmful to human health when storing foods, especially foods at high temperatures. Food stored in paper boxes can maintain its original taste as well as nutrients, preserving the quality of food while ensuring the safety of your health.

Effective marketing tool

A paper fast food box possesses great aesthetics as well as excellent food storing. In addition to the mentioned benefits, you can have your brand’s message printed on the boxes – an efficient and cost-saving marketing solution.

 Printed pizza boxes to promote the brand

Where to buy quality and affordable paper fast food box products?

New Star Paper is a renowned unit with more than 18 years of experience in manufacturing and printing paper products. Our R&D department has the full capacity to develop new products that can meet any fast-changing demand of the market, as well as special demands of F&B units. Customers can be assured of the quality of our paper fast food box. Furthermore, we provide better pricing thanks to the advantage of direct production. To ensure product quantities for supplying to major partners, our company has established 2 separate factories located in Dong Nai, Vietnam.

Where to buy quality and affordable paper fast food box products?

Paper fast food box provided by New Star Paper

popcorn box

Popcorn boxes


pizza boxes

Pizza boxes


hamburger boxes

Hamburger boxes


salad boxes

Salad boxes/Lunch boxes


Printed sandwich boxes

Sandwich boxes


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Food trays

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