Offset print

Offset print

What is offset printing? Not everyone understands this modern printing technique, today our printing experts will help you better understand how to use offset printing in your printing work and introduce Introducing offset printing technology at Joint Stock Company, one of the printing companies in Hanoi with the most modern offset printing technology in our country today.


Offset printing is a printing technique that uses the pressure of offset plates (rubber sheets) to print on paper after ink-stick images have been pressed on previous offset plates. Offset printing technique avoids water getting on the paper according to the ink when using lithography for the best printing quality.

For high quality printing, clear images, beautiful colors, almost no blurring when printing.
Makes making prints easy.
Can be printed on many different materials.
Suitable for many printing surfaces from flat to rough.
Helps prolong print life

Offset printing today has become the most popular printing technique in commercial business printing, creating products with beautiful colors and designs. Our company has successfully applied offset printing technique from the very first day when it was first put into use, with this printing technique the company’s printed products always achieve the highest quality with standard printing colors. , sharpness minimizes blurry printing errors, mottled ink, smudged printing, or non-standard color printing…

We print based on the principle of offset printing, which is a flat printing method, the image information is shown on the photochemical print to create ink-capturing elements and non-printing elements that catch water. Offset printing always uses a forward image, which means that the image on the printing plate must be in the same direction as the printed sheet.

The first is to install the printing mold on the plate mounting unit, then use specialized equipment to put the ink into the trough and spread it evenly on the ink transfer system. Next is to put paper or printing material into the container of the offset printer, pay attention to align the path of the paper so that it doesn’t distort and lose content when printing, and finally bring the product receiving system. and process printed sheets according to the machine.

Their offset printing technique always ensures the quality to meet all your printing needs including high-tech printing, combined with inkjet printing, embossing, we can print in a large amount of time. receive goods quickly … commit to bring you offset printing techniques with the cheapest price and best quality.

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