Bagasse Paper Straw Company In Vietnam

The planet is experiencing an environmental crisis as plastic pollution rapidly increases. paper straws companies, as a result, begin to attract more attention and approval from consumers.

The trend of paper straws from bagesse as an eco-friendly alternative

Paper straws, strange but familiar.

Vietnam paper straw company

Paper straws are regarded as the product that stands out among various green products on the market.

To be brief, green products are ones branded eco-friendly. Green Products can be made from materials in nature such as bagasse, paper, leaves, and plants, and typically are single-use which can decompose within a short period. In addition, many products are reusable (stainless steel straws, biodegradable plastic bags, etc.).

Joining in the movement of ‘green consumerism’, since 2014, many F&B chains and stores worldwide have been actively seeking paper straws companys and suppliers. Aside from being the pioneer consumers of eco-friendly products, owners of F&B chains also wish to alter consumer behaviors and navigate them toward choosing green products. In addition to the current popular straw products, grocery stores and fast food stores are choosing paper packaging alternatives as replacements for plastic products. Dairy and beverage companies are also switching to paper packaging and paper straws.

Paper straws from bagesse- A modern trend of consumerism

Paper straws from bagesse have become one of the crucial criteria for cafes and stores, a standard set by the new generation. The photographed drinks with paper cups, paper straws or grass straws are being shared across multiple social media, and they have been attracting incredible attention. This is amazing news and a positive sign for green products.

Paper straws are the future of modern consumerism, aiming for the preservation of the environment as well as the protection of our own health.

Advantages of paper straws from bagesse


Being made of materials in nature, bagasse paper straws are biodegradable and can decompose within a short period. More specifically, the decomposition process of bagasse paper straws can last from 30 to 60 days, making them safe and appropriate for the current environmental situation.

Advantages of bagasse straws

Safe for consumers

Bagasse paper straws are convenient in a sense that they can be used for both hot and cold drinks. On top of that, with the main component being bagasse, they will not generate or release any harmful toxins. This is an outstanding advantage that bagasse paper straws possess when compared to plastic straws or reusable stainless straws.

New Star Paper bagasse paper straws are currently the only product on the market that can be used for milk tea and drinks with large toppings.

Durable quality

The production process of bio-straws involves bagasse with strengthened fibers, granting them excellent durability that can last for up to 24 hours in hot/cold drinks.

Natural color, modern designs, diverse sizes

Paper straws from bagesse have the natural color of ivory white, with modern designs that are tailored to consumers’ preferences. Furthermore, the Vietnamese paper straws company – New Star Paper also provided paper straws with 10 different patterns in 4 different sizes (4-6-8-12). You are free to make your selections without being restricted to the usual basic colors. This can also be considered as a major advantage for this product.

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New Star Paper – a trusted supplier specialized in paper straws


Established in 2003, New Star Paper officially began its operations in the field with products of cardboard boxes.

In 2012, New Star Paper was the first firm in Vietnam to manufacture and export to the US products such as paper tubes and stickers for the laundry services. Our business process goes hand in hand with the aim to meet our partners’ demands. As we grow and mature, we plan to expand our operations to serve in different fields.

In 2018, we invested in the equipment for straws production, boosting the domestic market and meeting export demands. A new factory was built in Long Khanh.

In 2020, New Star Paper is step by step making our dream of green living come true by investing in the production line of paper cups, lids and food containers. We commit to making our products the first choices of our partners when it comes to the F&B packaging industry, as well as contributing to a new lifestyle – green living to build a green planet.

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Why should you choose New Star Paper paper straws?

There are 4 main reasons why you should choose products provided by the Vietnamese paper straws company New Star Paper:

  • Production in compliance with the ISO 22000 & HACCP standards, qualified with export certification.
  • Paper straws are made of paper derived from sugarcane fibers with excellent water-resistance, able to withstand hot/cold drinks up to 24 hours. It is also the only line of straws used for milk tea and drinks with toppings.
  • Two separate factories in Bien Hoa and Long Khanh enable active production for customized orders. Competitive pricing thanks to direct production.
  • Equipped with modern printing technologies such as flexo printing, inkjet printing, offset printing, and silk printing, customers’ brand messages can easily be marketed through unique designs on each product.
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