Each quality paper cup at New Star Paper is produced with safe materials and undergoes a closed production process with advanced technology. In the article below, New Star Paper would like to introduce to you the most comprehensive paper cup production process.

Step 1: Selecting raw materials in the paper cup production process

The disposable paper cups at New Star Paper are made from high-grade imported cupstock paper. This type of paper is made from 100% highly durable SBS (Solid Bleached Sulfate) pulp that does not contain harmful substances or industrial bleach, perfectly fit for manufacturing paper cups that are safe and eco-friendly.

Each cupstock paper roll is coated with 1 or 2 layers of PE depending on the intended use, which helps increase waterproofing and heat resistance while guaranteeing safety standards for consumers with hot or cold drinks.

Currently, New Star Paper provides 1PE coated paper cups with sizes ranging from 6.5 – 10 Oz, and 2PE coated paper cups with sizes from 12-22 Oz to fit the intended use and cup designs.


What are paper cups made of?

Step 2: Paper weight

Paper weight determines the strength and resistance of the paper to deformation. New Star Paper’s paper cups usually weigh from 200gsm to 300gsm depending on the volume of each type, specifically:

Cup volume

Paper weight (gsm)


ml Size


192 200


295 S

230 – 260

12 354 M

230 – 260 – 300

16 472 L

230 – 260 – 300

22 649 XL

230 – 260 – 300

Table of paper weight for each type of cup

Step 3: Printing, die cutting and cup forming

New Star Paper currently uses offset, silk screen and Flexo printing techniques in the paper cup production process. Paper die-cutting and paper cup forming processes are also different depending on the printing methods.

For offset printed paper cups

The paper will be divided into individual sheets then transferred to the offset printer. When printing is finished, these sheets will pass through the roll forming machine, then continue to be sent to the paper cup forming machine.

The advantage of this technique is speedy printing time, it is able to complete up to 90% of the logo and is fitting for complex prints. Therefore, paper cups with offset printing are the perfect choice for those who want to create a uniform brand recognition.


Offset printed paper cups are fitting for complex prints

For flexo printed paper cups

In the paper cup production process using Flexo printing technique, the paper roll is put into the Flexo printer, then passed through the roll forming machine and transferred to the paper cup forming machine.

Flexo printing is a technique of embossing on the surface of materials, creating impressive and unique paper cups. This technique also performs fast printing at the speed of 600m/min.

For silk screen printed paper cups

The paper roll will be passed through the roll forming machine and then through the paper cup forming machine. After the cups have been formed, they will be transferred to be silk screen printed and dried.

Silk screen printing is a simple and inexpensive printing technique. However, this technique should only be applied for logos, single-color images, and not too complicated textures. Silk screen printing is applied to already-formed paper cups.

Step 4: Quality check and packing

This is the final step in New Star Paper’s paper cup production process. The finished paper cup will be moved to the inspection department. Quality paper cups must ensure the following criteria: the bottom of the cup is sturdy, high adhesion, no smudged ink on the cups, eco-friendly and safe for consumers.

All paper cups produced by New Star Paper use soy ink in the printing process. This is a food-grade ink which does not contain metals, ensuring the Ministry of Health’s standards for food hygiene and safety.

All standard paper cups will be sorted and stacked in a specified quantity. Then they will be carefully packed to avoid contamination during transportation.


New Star Paper’s certified paper cup production line

The article has provided information regarding the standard paper cup production process at New Star Paper. As the leading reputable paper cup manufacturer in Vietnam with nearly 20 years of operation in the field of packaging production and supply, New Star Paper is constantly improving our technology, production capacity, and building a strict production process to provide our customers with quality and safe products at the most reasonable price.

Not only has New Star Paper become a partner of many F&B corporations such as Starbucks, Phuc Long, Ong Bau, etc., but we also export our products to the US market.

For order-related questions or consultation, please contact us via our Hotline: 0364 667 155

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