‘Green consumerism’ and green living have become the top priority, resulting in the urgent need to replace plastic cups with paper cups. Every reputable manufactory paper cup company has their own standards and initiatives to create quality products and attract customers.

With a history of nearly 20 years, New Star Paper focuses on the goal of how to best serve the needs of customers. We constantly innovate and improve the quality of paper cups with eco-friendly materials, reasonable prices, and diversity in designs and sizes.

Raw materials for the production of paper cups

Raw material commonly used by paper cup manufacturers is pure PO paper. The characteristic of pure paper is that it does not contain harmful chemicals or industrial detergents, is durable and suitable for the production of safe and eco-friendly paper cups.

The surface of the paper cups is coated with 1 or 2 layers of PE (PolyEthylene) to increase strength, waterproofing effectiveness, and insulation for the cups.

Raw materials for paper cup production are safe with no harmful substances.

Raw materials for the production of paper cups

Paper cup production process

The production process at reputable manufactory paper cup companies consists of 4 steps:

Step 1: Raw material selection

Paper cups are manufactured from imported high-grade paper materials. Additional materials are also eco-friendly products such as soy ink, flour glue, etc.

Step 2: Printing and shaping paper cups

The next step in the production process varies depending on the type of printing.

For non-printed paper cups: The paperboard reels are put directly through the roll forming machine, then passed through the cup forming machine using ultrasonic wave welding technology.

For paper cups with Offset printing: Paperboard reels are separated into sheets, which will be put through the Offset printer. After printing, they will be measured and cut, then transferred to the cup forming machines with ultrasonic wave welding technology.

For paper cups with screen printing: Paperboard reels are measured, cut, and transferred to the cup-forming machines. When the cups are properly formed, they are sent to be screen printed and dried.

For paper cups with Flexo printing: The paperboard reels are run through the Flexo printing press then passed through the roll forming machine, followed by the cup forming machine.

The next step in the production process varies depending on the type of printing

Printing and shaping paper cups

Step 3: Final product inspection

The finished paper cups will be sent to the inspection department. After this stage, the qualified products will be packed and transferred to the finished product warehouse.

A quality paper cup needs to satisfy the following criteria: The body and bottom of the cup are welded by ultrasonic waves without any use of glue, yet must have strong adhesion, the ink on the cup is not smudged, and must be safe as well as eco-friendly.

Step 4: Product sorting and packaging

All standard paper cups will be sorted and stacked in a specified amount. Then they will be carefully packed to avoid dust during transportation.

How to recognize a reputable manufactory paper cup company?

A reputable manufactory paper products company in general and manufactory paper cup in particular should attain the following characteristics:

Reputable business

The disposable paper cup market in Vietnam is diverse in terms of types, quality and prices to meet the demands of different customer segments. Therefore, choosing a reputable manufactory paper cup company or supplier is not an easy task.

If you wish to choose a reputable manufactory paper cup company, these are the important notes:

The company has a large-scale production factory, quality management according to ISO standards

Supplying products to major F&B chains.

Products are distributed in various supermarkets, retail stores and e-commerce platforms.

With nearly 20 years in the field of packaging production and supply, New Star Paper is constantly innovating our technology and production capacity in order to offer quality products at reasonable prices. If you are wondering where to buy paper cups, New Star Paper is your best choice.

We own two separate factories in Bien Hoa and Long Khanh that are equipped with ISO 22000 & HACCP certified production lines, capable of providing 12,000,000 paper cups/month and proactive in production/processing paper cups as customized for the customer’s brand.

Up to now, New Star Paper has supplied products to hundreds of large and small stores nationwide such as Starbucks, Phuc Long, Ong Bau, Caztus, etc.

For retail customers, you can easily find our products in different supermarkets such as Aeon, Bach Hoa Xanh, Usmart, or e-commerce sites such as Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, Alibaba, Amazon, etc. …

New Star Paper is in partnership with many famous F&B brands

Quality standards products

Quality standard paper cups must be manufactured in accordance with the ISO 22000 and standards for food safety and management systems recognized by international organizations. To meet the above standards, the manufacturer must have a source of raw materials and machinery that is strictly controlled according to standards.

All of New Star Paper paper cup products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 22000 standards with export certificates. We use high-grade paper materials imported from Europe, with additional materials that are also eco-friendly such as soy ink, flour glue, etc. to provide quality products that can ensure health and safety for the community. Because of that, not only did New Star Paper become a partner of many major domestic F&B brands, but also the first Vietnamese enterprise to export products to the US market.

Hopefully, the above article has provided you with information on how to recognize a reputable manufactory paper cup company in the market. With experience and capacity in the F&B industry, New Star Paper prides ourselves in providing customers with quality products at the best price. If you have any questions, please contact New Star Paper through our hotline: 0364 667 155 for further consultation.

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