Ho Chi Minh City is the country’s center of economic development, where there are a large number of F&B chains and small-to-medium food stores. Therefore, the demand for paper cups is also among the top in Vietnam. So how much do disposable paper cups cost? Is it expensive? Where to buy? Each question will be answered through the article below!

The origin of disposable paper cups

The origin of disposable paper cups is still unknown, although there is evidence that they were used in ancient China. Around 1900, paper cups gained popularity as people began to realize that sharing tin cans or ladles to drink water from barrels could cause the spread of germs.

In 1907, a Boston lawyer named Lawrence Luellen developed a type of paper cup and named it “Health Kup“, which he then encouraged people to use in order to improve public health as diseases were spreading.

The history of disposable paper cups

The history of disposable paper cups

Later, Lawrence worked for an American company (founded by Hugh Moore) where he developed a water-vending machine with disposable paper cups. Lawrence and Hugh embarked on an advertising campaign to promote and market this machine along with its disposable paper cups.

During the 1918 Influenza (Flu) pandemic, paper cups quickly gained popularity as a way to avoid disease transmission through direct person-to-person contact.

Throughout the century, paper cups have become an indispensable item in our daily life. Millions of paper cups are used everyday, making it easier and more convenient for people to carry their drinks. Additionally, the F&B industry has chosen paper cups to be the optimal solution to major events or conferences since they minimize labor, are cost-effective and cleaning-efficient.

Since 2012, paper cups have proven its functionality for busy modern citizens, its practicality in preventing disease transmission in public places, and convenience for the F&B industry as online food services and delivery are rapidly developing.

origin disposable paper cups

The production technology of disposable paper cups with good heat resistance

For the purpose of ensuring consumers’ safety when using hot or cold beverages, business owners often opt for paper cups made from cup stock paper with a layer of PE coating.

  • 1-sided PE coating: Specialized for hot beverages/foods (hot drinks, instant noodles …)
  • Double-sided PE coating: Specialized for cold beverages/foods (ice cream, yogurt, cold drinks …)

Cupstock is a fairly new concepts in the packaging and printing industry of Vietnam. Cupstock is the raw material for manufacturing high-quality disposable paper cups since the material is made of 100% SBS (Solid Bleached Sulphate) pulp which consists of harmless food-grade materials.

The production process of disposable paper cups at New Star Paper:

  • For plain paper cups: Without going through the printing process, paperboard reels are cut into cup sidewall blanks, then transferred directly to the cup forming machines. The cups proceed to be examined by Quality Control (QC). After the inspection, the qualified products will be packed and transferred to the finished product warehouse.
  • For paper cups with Flexo printing: The paperboard reels are run through the Flexo printing press, then cut into cup sidewall blanks and passed through the cup forming machines. After passing the check product quality inspection, After passing the QC inspection, the qualified products will be packed and transferred to the finished product warehouse.
  • For paper cups with Offset printing: Paperboard reels are separated into sheets, which will be put through the Offset printer. After printing, they will be measured and cut, then transferred to the cup forming machines followed by the QC inspection. After the inspection, the qualified products will be packed and transferred to the finished product warehouse.
  • For paper cups with screen printing: Paperboard reels are measured, cut, and transferred to the cup-forming machines. When the cups are properly formed, they are sent to be screen printed, then to the QC for inspection after the ink is dried. After the inspection, the qualified products will be packed and transferred to the finished product warehouse.

specializes in the production of paper cups and paper cups upon request

Disposable paper cups pricing

Paper cups are diverse in designs, materials, and weight (measured in GSM), thus the variation in price. Disposable paper cups pricing Disposable paper cup price depends on sizes, paper types, GSM, color of patterns and designs printed on the cup of your choosing. Paper cups can only be used once, that is why you should purchase in bulk in order to receive a good discount. In other words, products are sold at wholesale prices.

Disposable paper cup cover

Disposable paper cups pricing Disposable paper cup pricing depends on the type and quantity, for instance, 50 disposable paper cups can cost from 20,000 VND to 50,000 VND depending on the size and paper GSM. Consumers should carefully consider while choosing the right type with the best quality. Check out the tips below for choosing the right type of cups:

  • First, you need to choose the cups of the correct size and volume, avoid choosing ones that are too small for drinks, and ones that are too large which can be wasteful.
  • Avoid cheap products. Price often goes hand-in-hand with quality, cheap cups widely sold on the market may contain toxic chemicals that negatively affect consumers’ health.
  • If you use paper cups for hot drinks, choose ones with an inner PE coating along with heat resistant cup sleeves.
  • If you use paper cups for cold drinks, choose ones with double-sided PE coatings for good water resistant.

Where is the best place to buy paper cups?

To meet the demands of different market segments, the disposable paper cup market in Vietnam is now diversified in terms of types/quality and prices. Choosing the type of product is already difficult, yet, it is an even more puzzling conundrum in choosing a reliable supplier.

disposable paper cups

Furthermore, the quality of paper cups is not 100% guaranteed. Counterfeit goods and poor-quality products appear extensively on the market, making it difficult for verification. This drives many people to uncertainty and fear that they lose money by buying a poor-quality product.

So, if you want to choose the best place to buy paper cups,consider these tips:

  • Choose an agency that exclusively provides quality paper cups with transparent origins and reputable brands…
  • It is best to choose from firms with paper cups manufactured in compliance with the ISO 22000 and FSSC standards, as it is ensured that these standardized manufacturers, the sources of materials as well as their machinery are closely controlled according to the strict standard on food hygiene and safety.
  • If you are an F&B chain looking to purchase in bulk, it is necessary to attend to print quality and bulk discounts. You should also check whether the manufacturer is a supplier to any major F&B chains. If so, it is considered a third party that provides you with verification of product quality.
  • Delivery service is also an essential criterion in the selection process: speed and convenience must be ensured.
  • If you are a retail customer, choose paper cups at well-known shops, retail supermarkets, or reputable e-commerce platforms or the manufacturer’s direct e-commerce sites.

Understanding consumer psychology and striving to become a reputable supplier, New Star Paper constantly make improvements in technology for better product quality. If you are still wondering where to buy paper cups, New Star Paper is your most appropriate choice. 4 reasons to choose New Star Paper products:

  • Diverse product categories: In addition to paper cups, paper lids, New Star Paper provides paper straws, fast food containers, accessories in various GSM and sizes to accommodate different demands.
  • Competitive price through direct production: two factories in Bien Hoa and Long Khanh that are ISO 22,000 & HACCP certified, with supply capacity of 12,000,000 pieces/month.
  • Ownership of advanced printing technology such as flexo, digital printing, offset printing., offering customers uniqueness and distinction in disposable packaging and paper products.
  • New Star Paper products are manufactured from high quality paper materials imported from Europe.

disposable paper cup price

This article has answered the question of “Disposable paper cups pricing”or “Where is the best place to buy paper cups?”. We hope you find this article useful and informative. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact New Star Paper for better support!


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