With drastic environmental changes, people have gradually shifted their consumption habits towards a greener lifestyle, which subsequently forces F&B chains to adapt and switch to paper packaging solutions for the health benefits of customers as well as environmental protection.

According to a survey by the European Journal of Human and Social Sciences in 2014, 34.1% people think that products affect their purchasing decisions, 26.6% focus on brand name, and 22.5% choose products by packaging design. It shows that the product packaging plays a very important role in consumers’ purchasing decisions.

xu hướng phát triển ngành bao bì

Knowing the association between packaging value and product value, packaging is a secret weapon in marketing and is considered the embodiment of goods by creating positive impressions in the minds of consumers. It has led to businesses paying more attention to the form of packaging. This notion also has a significant impact on the packaging industry in Vietnam; however, the challenge remains for the packaging industry to ensure the economic benefits of business owners and consumers while effectively maintaining the eco-friendly factor.

Faced with negative effects on the environment caused by toxic waste, people are paying more attention to health care, nutritious diets, and eco-friendly living. Starting in 2019, the trend of green living has increased rapidly and is widely accepted. Instead of using plastic packaging that suffocates the Earth, people have opted for smarter consumption choices with products such as paper cups, paper straws, paper food containers in order to protect the environment and their own wellbeing.

xu hướng phát triển ngành bao bì

The trend of “green” packaging

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, consumption habits have witnessed substantial changes, causing the F&B industry to reform the way it operates. A series of large F&B firms such as Starbucks, Phuc Long, Ong Bau have switched to paper cups and paper straws as a statement of protecting consumers’ health and being eco-friendly.

Recently, the F&B industry in Vietnam has recorded robust growth. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the annual consumption of this industry accounts for about 15% of GDP. Consumers’ monthly spending for this item accounts for 35%.

xu hướng phát triển ngành bao bì

F&B is considered as one of the most highly competitive, highly profitable industries with a fast elimination rate. To be able to survive and develop sustainably, the requirements for these businesses are to constantly transform, quickly comprehend new consumer trends to adapt and maximize profits. Big brands like Starbucks, Phuc Long, Ong Bau have created a huge communication effect from the complete replacement of plastic cups and straws with paper cups and paper straws. Taking care of consumers’ health while protecting the environment is a significantly smart business decision made by F&B business owners.

The trend of packaging made of sustainable materials

According to a survey by Vietnam Report, under the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic, consumers’ behavior in choosing packaging has changed significantly, most of which support limiting reusable packaging products. They are willing to pay more for safe products with beautiful and eye-catching packaging and made of eco-friendly materials.

xu hướng phát triển ngành bao bì

In addition to being “green”, the packaging industry also focuses on selecting sustainable materials. Accordingly, sustainability is demonstrated through a loop, along with the formation of a circular economy – instead of products created from single-use materials and then discharged into the environment, they will be repurposed and reused in a closed cycle. In particular, products with sustainable packaging must meet the requirements of production, transportation, and recycling by renewable energy sources; ensure the safety of consumers’ health throughout the product;’s lifecycle.

The trend of Soft packaging

According to research conducted by Smithers Pira, the soft packaging industry will reach 269 billion USD in 2021, equivalent to a growth rate of 3.3% per year. This growth is thanks to the advancement of materials and technology, which helps create packaging products that are durable, safe with no risk of food poisoning or contamination. At the same time, soft packaging possesses many outstanding advantages such as easy opening and closing, convenient storing, transportation, and long-time use, etc.

xu hướng phát triển ngành bao bì

The trend of eco-friendly packaging materials

With many market challenges and the constantly shifting consumer habits, the packaging industry in general and Vietnam’s packaging industry in particular is forced to face the challenges of transitioning to sustainable packaging with biodegradable materials, such as paper, hemp…

Among them, paper packaging stands out with many great advantages:

Health and safety: New Star Paper’s paper packaging products such as paper cups, paper lids, paper straws, paper food containers are guaranteed to be safe as they are made from high-quality paper materials that are safe for health and eco-friendly.

Easy design and printing: the ink can easily stick to the paper material, giving the finished product sharpness and quality. Businesses can convey meaningful messages and bring the brands closer to customers.

Reasonable pricing: With direct production at 2 large scale factories in Dong Nai, New Star Paper’s packaging products are able to offer the best and most reasonable prices.

Reusable, recyclable: With just 1 small pair of scissors and a few paper cups and straws, you can give them a new shape with completely different functions.

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