In today’s busy life, the use of takeaway paper coffee cups has become favored by many customers and beverage businesses. With many preeminent features such as time saving and convenience, paper cups are taking a certain position in the market nowadays, and they are gradually replacing plastic cups. In this article, New Star Paper would like to share with you some of the most common takeaway paper coffee cups. Let’s follow along!

1- What is a takeaway paper coffee cups?

“Takeaway” translated into Vietnamese means “to go”, a word used in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and Ireland to refer to paper coffee cups bought at the store but taken out to use elsewhere. This type of takeaway cafe business model is increasingly popular and widespread; in Vietnam, common takeaway coffee chains include Effoc, Passio, Viva Star, …


What is a takeaway paper coffee cup?

In recent years, the Covid-19 pandemic has left significant impacts on life and business activities across the country, as well as changing user habits to motivate prioritizing necessities ​​and spending more effectively. In particular, F&B businesses are flocking to mobile business models, takeaway kiosks to reduce costs and increase brand recognition. Since then, kiosks and takeaway business models have become a familiar image along the sidewalk, especially in Ho Chi Minh City.

2- Types of commonly used paper coffee cups

White paper cup with lid

This is the most common type of paper cup and is most likely to be found in takeaway coffee shops. Their advantage is to help limit the spillage of drinks when moving. However, if the customer chooses to enjoy the drink at the store, there is no need for the lid, which can help save a small amount of the printing cost.


Paper coffee cups with lids

Currently, paper cups have two common types of lids:

  • Flat lid (paper material): used for coffee or regular soft drinks.
  • Dome lid (clear plastic material): used for drinks with whipped cream or toppings that can spill from the top of the cup.

Paper cold coffee cups

This type of paper cup is often used for low-temperature or iced beverages, such as milk tea, black tea, cold juice, shaved ice, iced black coffee, etc. Commonly used types are:

  • 12oz ~ 360ml
  • 14oz ~ 400ml
  • 16oz ~ 500ml


Paper cold coffee cups 12oz

It is important to note that there must be 2 layers of PE when producing paper cold cups. PE is a layer of waterproof material, usually lined inside the cup wall to prevent liquid from seeping through the cup.

The drinks are cold; this creates a phenomenon of condensation, or “sweat” on the outer surface of the glass. Therefore, these paper cups are coated with an outer layer of PE to prevent the cup from breaking down due to water condensation on the outer surface.

Double-layered paper hot coffee cups

Paper hot cups are products that are used a lot in the office environment. This type of cup is used for hot drinks such as tea, coffee or hot chocolate. They can also be used for hot foods but only once.


Double-layered paper hot coffee cup

3- Reasons to choose takeaway paper coffee cups

The unique feature of coffee is that it can be made hot or cold. The ratio of coffee drinkers preferring hot or cold is almost equal, and this ratio also varies by season. If the weather is cold, the number of hot coffee drinkers will be higher compared to that on warmer days. Therefore, a quality takeaway coffee cup is a cup that must withstand heat and retain heat.

Plastic cups are only used for cold drinks. High temperature will easily trigger toxic metals and release them into the beverages, posing extreme threats to customers’ health. However, if you use paper cups, you can rest assured because paper coffee cups can withstand heat up to 100 degrees Celsius. If the coffee is too hot, you can use an extra layer to protect your hand without affecting the taste of the coffee.


Reasons to choose takeaway paper coffee cups

In addition, takeaway paper coffee cups are advantageous in a sense that they have eye-catching designs. Both plain or printed cups are very aesthetically pleasing, you can immediately catch the elegant & attractive design with high-quality cups. With coffee in a cup, customers will develop trust & obtain a completely different perspective of your brand, which ultimately attracts more customers for better development of business activities.

Now that you have gained detailed information about takeaway coffee paper cups, if you are looking for a reputable and quality paper coffee cup manufacturer, New Star Paper is your best choice. With nearly 20 years of operation in the field of packaging production and supply, New Star Paper – the company that manufactures paper cups on demand – is constantly improving our technology and production capacity to provide our customers with quality and safe products at the most reasonable price.

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